Presented by the I.A.P.P.P. Western Wing

May 21 and 22, 2003
at the Northwoods Resort in the City of Big Bear Lake

The 22nd Annual IAPPP Western WingNorthwoods.jpg (15713 bytes) Symposium on Telescope Science will be held on May 21-22, 2003 at a Northwoods Resort Hotel in the City of Big Bear Lake. There, you will be brought up to date on the latest techniques in CCD Imaging Photometry,  and Spectroscopy.

The Northwoods Resort is a new, and elegant mountain resort offering full amenities. Come learn the latest in CCD and photometry techniques in comfort and style.

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Purpose for the Symposium on Telescope Science

To provide a forum for astronomical researchers, of all levels, who are interested in providing and/or using astronomical measurements from electronic instruments to plan, discuss and share their work within the astronomical community.

As in the past, the program will be separated into workshops and paper sessions. The program for 2003 has not yet been set. However, it will possibly have various sessions including Basic CCD Image Processing, General Papers, a workshops and Science Sessions.

Speakers: If you wish to present a paper or see a list of who is presenting, visit our Speakers Page where you will find information on how to submit a presentation.

Symposium Sponsors and Vendors

The Western Wing of the IAPPP is soliciting sponsors and vendors for the Symposium.

Vendors are encouraged to provide compact displays that will be attractive and interesting to the symposium attendees and may take the form of a 3x4 foot poster presentation that can be shown in the hospitality suite as well as in the main hall. Vendors will be provided with different colored name badges and designated space within the main hall for easy access of attendees during breaks. Vendors will be asked to provide a prepared Vendor Statement consisting of a brief bio of their company, their representative attending the meeting and a brief highlight of one of their products. The emphasis is on brief and if too long will be shortened. A member of the Symposium Executive will give the Vendor Statement from the podium by way of an introduction to the vendors. Symposium participants will be regularly encouraged from the podium throughout the meetings to approach and hold discussions with the vendors. All reasonable efforts will be made by the Symposium Executive to highlight the efforts and availability of the Vendors for discussion with attendees. At no point will the Symposium Vendors, be permitted to give uninvited presentations from the podium that solely extol their product offerings. Rather, Symposium Vendors are encouraged to provide technical presentations that are to the general education of the symposium attendees.

Sponsors of the Symposium have all the privileges of the Symposium Vendors described below and in addition will receive highlighted exposure in advertising brochures, symposium banners, symposium web sites, invited to give brief presentations on their company or product during the symposium, and may, at the discretion of the Symposium Executive, be invited to provide keynote addresses at planned dinners.

If you wish to be a vendor or a sponsor, please contact:

Lee Snyder
PO Box 3964
Incline Village, NV 89450

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