International  Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photometry (IAPPP) was formed in June,  1980. The role of the IAPPP is to facilitate collaborative  astronomical  research between amateur, student, and professional astronomers, by providing a  medium for the exchange of practical information not normally discussed at symposia or published in other journals. See the IAPPP website at URL:

IAPPP  Membership

Membership in the IAPPP is $25.00 per year. Membership includes a subscription to the  quarterly journal, the IAPPP Communications. To join, send a check or money order payable to IAPPP to Betty Thurston, Dyer Observatory, 1000 Oman Drive, Brentwood, Tennessee 37027. (  Contributions of $500 or  more will guarantee a lifetime membership and subscription.

IAPPP Communications

Back issues of the IAPPP Communications are available from the above address. Manuscripts are solicited in areas such as: (1) Suggested  observing programs or results of current scientific interest to professional astronomers and suitable for photoelectric photometry and/or two-dimensional  detectors at smaller observatories; (2) Equipment design and construction; (3) Observing and data reduction techniques; (4) Descriptions of smaller  observatories and equipment; (5) Reviews of recent meetings, articles, and  books; (6) Field tests of commercial software and equipment; (7) Astronomy  education, e.g., curricula and student projects; (8) Announcements of meetings and other matters relevant to IAPPP activities; (9) IAPPP Committee reports; (10) Letters to the Editor; and (11) References to scientific papers published by amateur photometrists. Contributions on other topics will also be  considered; please contact the Editor.

Send manuscripts to the Editor of the IAPPP Communications,  Dr. Terry Oswalt, Dept. of Physics and Space Science, Florida Institute of Technology, Melbourne, Florida 32901. (Email:  Please include with manuscripts your postal address, telephone, FAX (important) numbers,  and if you  have one, your electronic mail address. There are no page charges for IAPPP  members; $10.00 per page for non-members. Type manuscripts double-spaced on  8.5 by 11  inch paper. Authors are encouraged to submit manuscripts and figures on IBM or Macintosh-compatible diskette or by electronic mail. However, all such submissions must be accompanied by a hard (printed) copy of the manuscript with  figures, sent by regular mail.  Manuscripts will be externally reviewed upon request of the submitting author.

IAPPP Western Wing And The "Big Bear" Symposium

IAPPP "Wings" have  been organized around the world to facilitate communication at the regional level. The Western Wing, the first IAPPP Wing in the U.S., was organized in 1998 to coordinate the Western U.S. Symposium, held annually in the Los Angeles area.

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