Association of Lunar & Planetary Observers

The American Association of Variable Star  Observers (AAVSO)

Center for Backyard Astrophysics

International Amateur-Professional Photoelectric Photometry  (IAPPP)

International Occultation Timing Association (IOTA)

Kyoto University's Variable Star Network

Riverside Telescope Makers Conference

Equipment/Software Vendors

Apogee, Inc.

Cyanogen Productions Inc.

DC-3 Dreams, SP

Optec, Inc.

Santa Barbara Instrument Group

Software Bisque

Meade Instruments Corporation


Sky and Telescope

Mailing Lists

Minor Planet Mailing List (contains many good articles on Photometry)

Photometry Sites

William Romanishin’s book on photometry

CALL Project - Information on Asteroid Photometry and Light Curves

Lew Cook's CCD Photometry - Various Photometry Projects

Hopkins Phoenix Observatory/HPO Soft - Articles covering an introduction to the subject of photoelectric photometry plus book 'Zen and the Art of Photoelectric Photometry'


High Energy Astrophysics Workshop - Sponsored by AAVSO and the Marshall Space Flight Center


Canadian Astronomy Data Center - International Astronomy Meetings List

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