The Western I.A.P.P.P. U.S. Symposium, was held annually in the Southern California area.  The first few years were held in conjunction with the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference.  In 1987 the Symposium was moved to the Thundercloud Inn in the City of Big Bear Lake.   Then, in 1992 it moved to the Ramada Inn in San Bernardino.  The early years had  modest attendance usually numbering around twenty.

In 1998, the Western Wing of the I.A.P.P.P. was formed and the Symposium moved to The Lake Arrowhead Resort.  Attendance improved  dramatically with the new site and greater publicity. In 1999 it was again held in Lake Arrowhead.

Wishing to enhance its ties with the Riverside Telescope Makers Conference, the Symposium  has moved back to Big Bear, now taking up residence at the luxurious Northwoods Resort Hotel.  Below is a synopios of IAPPP Western Wing meetings from 1982 to 1997.  Meetings from 1998 to date can be accessed from the menu bar at the top of the page.




May, 1982
RTMC, Big Bear, CA



May 25-27, 1983
RTMC, Big Bear, California

Dr. Douglas S. Hall and Jeffrey L. Hopkins

"Computerization for Amateur Telescopes"

May 25-28, 1984
RTMC, Big Bear, California


Peter Manly, Phoenix, AZ "Video Astronomy Tape"
Louis Boyd, IAPPP, Phoenix, AZ "Automated Photometry Telescope"
Electronics Workshop with Demo, Coombs Lodge

May 22-24, 1985
RTMC, Big Bear, California

The Rev. Donald L. Rohe; Dr. Douglas S. Hall


May 26, 1986
RTMC, Big Bear, California

Rev. Donald L. Rohe, Dr. Douglas S. Hall, Jeffrey L. Hopkins


September, 1986 -- Rev.  Donald L. Rohe passes away

May 20-22, 1987
Thundercloud Inn, Big Bear Lake, CA

Bob Jones and Roger Deyoe


May 27-30, 1988
Thundercloud Inn, Big Bear Lake, CA

Bob Jones and Roger Deyoe


May 24-25, 1989
Thundercloud Inn, Big Bear Lake, CA

Bob Jones and Roger Deyoe

DeraldNye --  Construction of the K-W Observatory
Charlie Green -- Salt Lake City Amateur Observatories
Lee Snyder -- Three Observatories
Dave Rettig -- Construction of a 30-Inch APT -- A Machinist’s Viewpoint
Richard Miles -- Multi-Channel Photometry
Wayne Johnson -- Current Projects of the Orange County Astronomers (OCA)
Roger Deyoe -- Torque-Tube Mount Progress Report
Jerry Foote -- Sensitivity Analysis of a Holographic Grating  Spectrophotometer
Darrell Collins -- Remote Weather Sensors
Gene A. Lucas -- Video Imaging of Supernova SN1988B
Richard Nolthenius -- A Complete PC-Based Data Acquisition and Reduction  Package for the SSP-3
Rick Wasson -- Doug Hall’s Twenty Questions
Bob Jones -- An Inexpensive Commercial CCD Camera
Tom Quinn -- What’s New In CCDs?
Rick Wasson -- The Hubble Space Telescope Wide Field/Planetary Camera
Roger Deyoe --Slide Tour of Southwest Observatories and 2nd Annual
Rick Wasson -- Picking an Observing Program
Lou Boyd --New Developments at the APT Service
Roger Deyoe -- The IAPPP Bulletin Board
Rick Wasson -- Update on the HR6469 Campaign
Tim Hunter -- Light Pollution
Richard Berry -- Mapping Light Pollution With Photoelectric Photometry

May 23-24, 1990
Thundercloud Inn, Big Bear Lake, CA

Roger Deyoe, Bob Jones, Rick Wasson

Roger Deyoe -- Slide Tour of Southwest  Observatories and 3rd Annual "Name-The-Telescope" Contest
Stan Gorodenski "Design and Construction of An Observatory By One  Non-Engineer"
Mike Smith "A Beginner’s Story: Do These Mistakes Sound Familiar?"
John Briggs "Experiments With Steppers and Frustration With A Starlight 1"
Jeff Dickerman (Optec, Inc.) "Demonstration of the SSP-5  Photometer"
Dr. Dave Crawford "Effect of Double Stars On Photometry"
Al Hiltner “Las Campanas 8 Meter Telescope Design"
Bob Jones "Working With The Henden and Kaitchuck Data Reduction Software"
Darrell Collins "Teaching Astronomy in Elementary School"
Richard Berry "Do It Yourself Image Processing Software"
Bob Jones "ACQ: A New Data Acquisition Package"
Steve Edberg "Solar Eclipse Photometry"
Steve McArthur "CCD Imaging Systems"
Derald Nye "Why I Live On Observatory Drive"
Wayne Johnson "Highlights of the 1990 Electronics Oriented Astronomy (EOA) Conference"
Dave Rettig "Building the APTs"
Derald Nye "Eclipse Expeditions to Siberia and the Amazon"
Jeff Dickerman "SSP-5 Photometer Demonstration"
Steve McArthur "CCD Imaging Demonstration"
Lee Snyder "HR8062 -- A New Variable In Cygnus"
Lou Boyd "A New Precision Diode Photometer"
John Westfall "Whole-Disk Visual Photometry of Jupiter"
John Briggs "Asteroid Occultation Video From Mt. Wilson"
Pete Manly "Automated Telescope Observatory Controller"
Rick Wasson "VRI Photometry of Mira Variables"
Roger Deyoe "Update on the Technical and Scientific Bulletin Board  System (BBS)"

May 22-24, 1991
Thundercloud Inn - Big Bear Lake, CA

Roger Deyoe, Bob Jones, Rick Wasson


May 20-22, 1992
Ramada Inn - San Bernardino, CA

Robert A. Jones, Roger G. Deyoe, Rick Wasson

Roger Deyoe and Dave Rettig "Update on the Torque Tube Mount Project"
Charlie Green "Green Grove Observatory: An Update"
James Dishaw "Computer Control of Telescopes"
Phil Mattingly "Computer Control at Nightwatch Observatory"
Jerry Foote "Update on the Big Cottonwood Telescope Control System"
Richard Lines "Lines Observatory and Research Program"
Lee Snyder "Small Amplitude Red Variables"
Bob Jones "Photoelectric Observations of 44 Bootis"
Phil Lubin "IMAGINE-32 Imaging Software"
Wayne Johnson "SunSEARCH"
Rick Wasson "Two Cooperative Photoelectric Programs"
Bob Jones, Roger Deyoe "Astronomical Catalogs On A CD-ROM"
Derald Nye "Two Exotic Solar Eclipses"

June, 1992 -- Richard D. Lines passes away.
1993 -- Roger Deyoe passes away.

May 26-28, 1993
Ramada Inn - San Bernardino, CA

Phil Mattingly, Leroy Snyder, Wayne Johnson

Wayne Johnson "SN1993J in M81 and SunSEARCH"
Rick Wasson "Recent PEP on HR6469, An Eclipsing Binary, and  MIRAs"
Leroy Snyder "GO Cygni, An Eclipsing Binary With A Perplexing Period"
Phil Mattingly "A 0.5 Meter Scope for Nightwatch Observatory"
Bob Jones "ACQ Version 1.5 Software for the Optec SSP-3  Photometer, with Demonstration"
Derald Nye "Further Adventures on Observatory Drive"
Wayne Johnson "OCA’s New CCD Camera"
Dave Rettig "The New 1-Meter Telescope in South Korea Recently  Completed by Rettig Machine"
Leo Connelly  "BL Herculis Cepheids
Leroy Snyder "HR4267, A New Variable"
Bob Jones "Recap of Arizona Symposium April, 1993"

May 25-27, 1994
Ramada Inn - San Bernardino, CA

Phil Mattingly, Leroy Snyder, Wayne Johnson

Dave Rettig “Update on Roger  Deyoe Torque Tube Mounting and APT Scopes Under Construction at Rettig Machine"
Wayne Johnson "Supernova in M51"; "Notes on  SunSEARCH"
Gene Lucas -- Notes on Lou Boyd, Fairborn Observatory, AAVSO Alert  Notices, Videotape of partial phases of annular solar eclipse in Phoenix
Stan Gorodenski and Phil Mattingly "Discussion on Project Pluto and MegaStar CD-ROM Programs"
Lee Snyder and Phil Mattingly "UV Leonis, An Eclipsing Binary -- New Data and Epoch"
Derald Nye "IOTA Northern Limb Timing Efforts at the May 10, 1994 Solar Eclipse"
Phil Mattingly "Improvements At Nightwatch Observatory"
Bob Jones "The O-C Diagram (Observed vs. Calculated Epoch and the Heliocentric Julian Date)"
Rick Wasson "CCD Data Reduction with the Henden and Kaitchuck Program"
Lee Snyder "Where Does The Amateur Go To Get Information And Projects? (A description of archival data research)"
Richard Berry "CCD Photometry: What Would You Like To See in a Computer Program?"

May 24-26, 1995
Ramada Inn - San Bernardino, CA

Phil Mattingly, Leroy Snyder, Wayne Johnson

Dave Rettig “Report on Telescopes In Work [in] 1995 at Rettig Machine"
Wayne Johnson "Supernovae Discoveries 1995"
Jeff Dickerson "New Optec Products"
Leroy Snyder "Small Amplitude Red Variables (SARVs)"
Derald Nye "Videotape Recording of an Asteroid Occultation at  Grasslands Observatory"
Rick Wasson "Spectrophotometry With The Optec SSP-3 Photometer (Using Wing Filters)"
Leroy Snyder "Photometry of AL Leonis"
Bob Jones "Photometric CCD Work With The Deyoe Observatory CCD  Camera"
Phil Mattingly "Photometry of HR2639A"
Gene Cross, Ed White "Nyquist Criteria And Your Telescope

May 22-24, 1996
Ramada Inn - San Bernardino, CA

Phil Mattingly, Leroy Snyder, Wayne Johnson

Tom Bisque "Software Bisque  [Computer Programs] and Photoelectric Photometry"
Rick Wasson and Dave Rettig "Cooling a Lynxx CCD Camera"
Bob Bell "SAO50381 Light Curve Revisited"
Lee Snyder "UV Leonis Period Change"
Gene A. Lucas "Videotape of Asteroid Occultations"
Bob Bell "NEAT Asteroid Confirmations" and "Videotape of Comet Hale-Bopp"
Derald Nye "Update on the K-W Observatory"
Phil Mattingly "Completion of a 22-Inch Telescope"

May 21-23, 1997
Hilltop Inn - San Bernardino, CA

Phil Mattingly, Leroy Snyder, Wayne Johnson


September 6, 1997 -- David Frank Rettig passes away in Redlands, CA. (1918-1997).
IAPPP Western Wing formed upon suggestion of Dr. Douglas Hall and Leroy Snyder.

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